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How to Calm Headaches with Something I Found

They arrive like an uninvited adversary that seeks to cause you pain. Sometimes they’ll sneak up on you and whack you in the head. At other times, they squeeze your skull or cause such a pounding that your eyes hurt from the slightest amount of light. Headaches are  common denominator for everyone; only for some, they arrive and stay around a long time to distract and terrorize you.

Without a solution, they gradually take ownership of your life. If you were to listen to the pharmaceutical industry, they would try to convince you that their magic pill will resolve your problems. Of course, that brilliant advice comes from an industry that doesn’t want you to get well. They don’t care about you. Their interest is your money and repeatedly gain your business.

Types of Headaches

When we have headaches, those terrible ones, we typically call them a “migraine”. Do you know the most severe headache is a “Cluster” headache? They arrive in groups of clusters; they just keep showing up. When one fades and another arrives, they each wear you down and pull your focus away from the life you're trying to live. Behind those are the migraine as the second most common intruder. Other common headache is tension, sinus, Medication Overuse Headaches (MOH) and, get this one: a New Daily Persistent Headache (NDPH). This latest type shows up and stays for days, weeks, or months, and medication typically won't help to ease the pain.


There is a long list of things that can trigger a headache like alcohol, allergens, chemicals, foods, light, noise, smoke or more. Then, there are those brought on by injury or physical maladies. That list is well beyond the length of this article. The headaches are the signpost that is sending you a message that there’s a reason it showed up in your life.

A trained medical doctor can find the cause of your headaches. Diagnostic tests can find issues with your diet, sleep, hydration, exercise or more. I believe the pharmaceutical industry is not always your friend. They want to numb the symptom with their product, rather than find the cause. While pursuing the diagnostic testing, you might still experience frequent headaches. Medicines can negatively affect your liver or other parts of your body.

Professional Research

While researching non-pharmaceutical options to reduce headache discomfort, I found a 2016 article published by the Harvard Medical School. The article described research using colored light to ease the effects of a migraine. Specifically, they found that a narrow band of green light eased the discomfort. Given that, I read the report and to save you from the science, the diagram below from the study shows the intensity of the headache decreased with green light.

Headache research

My Own Experiences

Given the research, I tried some green lights (shown below). My eyes are light sensitive and I found when the light reflected into my eyes, the discomfort increased. Interestingly, with the lights in the room outside of my direct view, the headache dissipated. Then, I tried another option. I purchased a set of green color therapy glasses. My thought was to use the existing light and convert it to green. The glasses (shown below) are large enough to fit over my regular eyeglasses. I could wear both while reading. I found that wearing these glasses for at least an hour minimized the headache for a few days to a week. Then it was time to wear them again. The glasses are the least expensive option, about $12. The lights, while more expensive, are better for filling a room with an ambient green light.


This article does not provide medical advice. I recommend seeing a medical doctor to find the cause of your headaches. The light and color therapy glasses, while not curative, can help minimize discomfort from headaches. Certainly, there are reasons for headaches. Sometimes they’ll show up when we’re tired or stressed. When they continue frequently like the cluster headache, or cause intensive discomfort, it’s wise to see medical help. Within our medical community these days, getting appointments is challenging. For your comfort, the lights or glasses shown below can help you. If you opt for the light option, the first one below is actually pretty cool. You can use it for headache, stress relief, anxiety relaxation, light sensitivity, a Yoga light for exercise, or a night light for your bedroom while sleeping. There are plenty of options to ease your headaches.


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